New GripShift Savegame Exploit - Hello World + SDK

by Warren L. January 5, 2009 @ 4:13 pm

A few days ago, well known PSP developer MaTiAz discovered a new savegame exploit in the game GripShift on the PSP. Working together with another well known developer named FreePlay, they have managed to put together a Hello World and an SDK so that other developers can write programs specifically made to work with this exploit.

Unfortunately, so far this exploit only works in User Mode – meaning no flash0 access and no downgraders and is limited to the US version of GripShift only. However, on the bright side, this new exploit has been tested and is known to work on the PSP-3000.

For the time being, only specifically developed programs can be run using this exploit but this is a step in the right direction – towards an eloader-like application or, if a kernel exploit is found, towards a downgrader, finally enabling PSP-3000s to be downgraded.

Only time will tell! For the readme, FAQ and downloads, hit the jump.

Hello World on PSP FW 1.52-5.02
The Spartaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!! Exploit
by MaTiAz & FreePlay

  1. Copy the contents of MS_ROOT into the root of your memory stick (this will overwrite the first GripShift savegame slot).
  2. Launch the US version of GripShift.
  3. Load up the game (if it doesn’t autoload).
  4. See your PSP run unsigned code.
  5. It’ll autoexit after some time. You can use the home button to exit too if you’ve seen enough.


Q: Will this allow downgrading?
A: No, because this is an usermode exploit and functions required to downgrade are
only available in kernel mode.
Q: Why the name?
A: Because the original exploit was found by overwriting the player name with “this is spartaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa”.
Q: Can/Will Sony block this?
A: Yes.
Q: I wanna make homebrew using the exploit. How?
A: Get FreePlay’s GS SDK:
It has some constraints though, check the readme.
The Hello World was written with it.
Exploit and binary loader: MaTiAz
SDK: FreePlay
Greets go to Dark_AleX, Mathieulh, jas0nuk, Hellcat, etc. etc. etc, you know.

Download Hello World
Download Sparta SDK

GripShift savegame exploit Hello World + SDK []

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