Datel Lite Blue Tool A Marketing Scam

by Mike Bendel January 6, 2009 @ 8:51 pm

A couple months ago, reports were circulating around the web that Datel had created a battery that would allow PSP-3000 owners to access service mode. Needless to say, we were skeptical of these claims, especially due to the fact that technical specifications behind the battery were kept secret and no one, not even sites affiliated with Datel, had a hands-on report of said battery months after the initial announcement.

Turns out, our skepticism was warranted. Datel has since issued a stealth update to the product listing page for the PSP Lite Blue Tool. Not only has the product name been changed, but what was once promised is now conspicuously absent. According to the page, this particular battery can only enable service mode on PSP-2000 units – and will function as a normal battery on any PSP-3000.

It is our hope that those who bought into Datel’s marketing scheme and placed pre-orders on this battery will promptly be refunded. Again, this whole ordeal only further exemplifies Datel’s utter dishonesty to consumers.

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