Clip: Unreleased HEN Running on PSP-3000

by Mike Bendel January 13, 2009 @ 10:36 am

Update: Not surprisingly, it has come to light that the real author of the kernel exploit used in the video is joek, a member of team C+D. French developer and GEN author Miriam used code received from Dark_AleX in an underhand attempt to gain fame. Hopefully, a public apology will be made.

Mere days following the discovery of a usermode exploit in UMD title GripShift, which allows for the execution of unsigned (homebrew) code on firmware up to 5.02, the folks over at French site PSPGen have managed to whip up their own homebrew enabler. Taking advantage of the recent vulnerability found by MaTiAz, HEN reboots the PSP into an environment where homebrew applications can be run, including those compiled with kernel functions. What’s more, is that this particular version of HEN can be used with both European and North American copies of GripShift.

Keep in mind that while HEN 5.02, as we’ll refer to it for now, is not a full blown custom firmware, it simply allows for homebrew applications to be run on a PSP-3000 unit and any PSP with system software 5.02 installed for that matter. However, PSPGen is holding back on a public release at this time, in fear that Sony will quickly issue an update that prevents gaining kernel level access.

La première PSP 3000 en ‘Custom Firmware’ en video ! [PSPGen]

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