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Heroine Kayo is the daughter of a food and tea house who is living with her father in Edo. One day, a Tokugawa samurai came with an order of life and death, that is, disguising as the princess and joining in the false bridal procession. The samurai said that Kayo and the princess are two peas in a pod. Thinking that the food and tea house would be hard to run if she refuses, Kayo set her mind to accept this assignment and started her trip in Tōkaidō. In this visual novel, you will play the role of Kayo to interact with the samurais. You can control the storyline with different selections and unlock 24 endings of 6 main characters.
Ken ga Kimi has been critically acclaimed since it was first released in 2013, and now you can experience both the original story and new contents in simplified Chinese, traditional Chinese and Japanese!

How to play Ken ga Kimi

  • How to advance the story

The story consists of two parts which are prequel "False Bridal Procession in Tōkaidō" and sequel "Sword Retrieving Imperial Match".
The sequel tells the story about the heroine and the character she fell in love with, which will be separated into "Ken(sword)" and "Kimi(you)" based on your choice.

Ken— He chose the road of samurai which is along with death and separation.
Kimi— He has changed because of your influence, the rest of your life is a life with happiness.

In sequel, "Magatama Selection" will take the role of trigger to advance the story instead of the normal selection in prequel.

Magatama Selection includes four attributes that called "shikon(four souls)": courage, wisdom, love, and friendship.
Shikon's state changes depending on player's selection. That is, your selection will increase the value of a particular shikon, and eventually these different states will divide the ending into "Ken" and "Kimi". In general, every main character has 4 different endings according to player's selection.

In addition, "Epilog" with a new scenario will be unlocked after the story advanced to an ending. Each ending has one epilog.
  • Additional Content

This game is ported based on Ken ga Kimi for V, compared with the original pc version the following contents are added:
New date scene
Epilog of each ending
New CGs of original story
New opening & ending songs
Omikuji fortune system with character voices
Main character voices including "jealousness" and "proud of my wife"
Sub-character voices including "good night" and "tell your love"


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The story happened in 1633.

At that time, only those who competed in "Sword Retrieving"
and gained the "Tenka-Goken(Five Swords under Heaven)" which have the power of apparition extermination
can be honored as Bushido(a true samurai).

Sword Retrieving Imperial Match was held across the country,
which produced a host of heroes with extraordinary capabilities.

There was also the "Sword Retrieving Imperial Match" held by Bakufu.

Participating in this match and winning the championship,
the samurai could obtain an official promotion and a title and everything he wished for.
Above all, the "Tenka-Goken"—

Onimaru Kunitsuna
Mikazuki Munechika

It wa