Some Portal 2 Questions Answered

While at PAX East yesterday I had the opportunity to interview Erik Wolpaw, a writer for Portal 2. Sadly I had left my recorder at home so I was unable to record the conversation. One of my first questions pertained to the game’s length, something which was hinted at during the PAX demo. While the original Portal was thoroughly enjoyable […]

Reggie: New Super Mario Bros. Wii Will Outsell Modern Warfare 2 On A Single Platform

Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime isn’t breaking a sweat over the immient release of Modern Warfare 2 on competing platforms. In fact, he feels Nintendo has an answer, which is none other than New Super Mario Bros. Wii. Speaking in a GTTV interview, Reggie noted his belief that the retro styled gameplay will make it a bit hit among […]

Community Interview With PSP Developer Hellcat

Community and staff member jx233 recently caught up with Hellcat for an interview, gathering his thoughts on the PSP homebrew scene in general and what sparked his interest in hobbyist development. A well-known figure amongst the homebrew crowd, Hellcat has been responsible for several custom firmware aiding utilities, perhaps most notably Pandora installer. Thanks to its ease of use, this […]

Interview With Admin Alek

Resident forum goer mortalinstincts recently caught up for a chit-chat with Alek, the website administrator of Throughout the years, Alek has aided in coordinating several M33 releases under the guidence of Dark_AleX himself. His influence also helped formed into the lively and respected multi-cultural community that it is today. To learn more about his involvement in the PSP […]

Feature: Interview With jas0nuk

Resident forum staffer Acerthief recently caught up with homebrew developer jas0nuk for an insightful interview on his involvement in the PSP homebrew community. Before jumping straight into the interview, we’d like to give you a brief backstory. Age 17 and currently residing in the United Kingdom, jas0nuk’s roots strech back to what is now commonly called the golden-era of the […]

Feature: Interview With PSP Homebrew Developer Chilly Willy

Under his alias of Chilly Willy, developer Joe Fenton is known in the homebrew arena as the brain behind some of the most widely used PSP applications. KeyCleaner and IDStorage Manager, just to name a couple. During his years in the PSP scene, he has also dabbled in the porting of open-source PC game titles, perhaps most notably releasing a […]

Feature: Team WildC*rd Interview Part 2

As promised, here is the second chapter to our interview with the PSP homebrew crew of Team Wildc*rd. For this feature we interviewed three of the main contributors to the Wildc*rd project — AtrumDonum, BallsOfSteel, and Bride. On with the interview then!

Feature: Team WildC*rd Interviewed

When PSP homebrew legend Dark_AleX decided to take leave of the scene, uncertainty existed for the future of custom firmware. Just who would follow in his footsteps? Weeks following Alex’s leave, a Russian team of developers known as “M33” blasted onto the scene, with their first release being a 3.51 custom firmware. Of course, this was a surprise to many, […]

Zx-81 Interviewed

Another week, another interview. And this time, I’ve had the honour of interviewing one of the most prolific developers of the homebrew scene, zx-81. It’s impossible to not notice his contributions in the homebrew scene. His major work has been in the emulation scene where he has released emulators for almost all retro platforms. It’s great to enjoy those old […]

Feature: Mathieulh Interviewed

Mathieulh is one of the pillars of the big foundations that is our PSP scene. His journey in the PSP scene spotlight started with his now-defunct team, SonyXTeam. He then went on to work with other scene greats like Dark AleX and the N00bz team, giving us great things in the form of downgraders, custom firmwares and many other things […]