PS Vita 3G Downloads Capped To 20MB

by Mike Bendel September 30, 2011 @ 10:53 am

Restrictive bandwidth caps are the norm when it comes to 3G connections, and the Vita is no exception. In a recent interview with ASCII, an SCEJ rep confirmed that downloads on Vita are limited to 20MB per file. It was stressed that this is a initial limit, meaning it could be raised in the future, presumably as infrastructure improves.

The artificial limitation is hardly surprising, considering that several 3G providers have clamped down on bandwidth usage over the past few years — most notably Verizon, which recently axed its entire ‘unlimited’ tier. Sony, obviously, does not want users to run over their bandwidth allotment easily.

Despite the size limit, Sony says all users — regardless of whether browsing from WiFi or 3G — will be able to access the PS Store in its entirety. In addition, the company is working closely with developers to ensure that network performance of software titles scales down to 128Kbps download and 64kbps upload speeds.

Thanks, Andriasang.

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Trigun says:


Freshmilk says:

This. Though I can see why a limit is nessecary, I don't agree with it being so low. Maybe something like a 50mb limit would be more appropriate?

Seth says:

I really like this andriasang site seems like a cool place to get some news..

MenaceInc says:

Just for a comparison, iOS has a 20MB limit over 3G as well.

hush404 says:


eldiablov says:

So is this just a standard for the yanks or does it happen over here? I've never heard of such a thing.

slicer4ever says:

true, but many iOS games are generally under 20MB, i can't imagine finding alot of downloadable context designed to take advantage of the ps vita is going to be under 20MB's. imo, clearly sony doesn't intend to use the 3G component for downloading games.

Ecko says:

20mb?? You can't download any podcast with such a low limit. Maybe 60-80mb is more appropriate?

Joey says:

If you're gonna download something, just do it at home, or find a wifi hotspot. How many of you need to download a 200MB game in the middle of nowhere?

So not a big deal.

Robby says:

Well if you are traveling and wifi is not available, having the option of being able to get a game would be nice.

And atleast where I live, its hard to find free wifi.

BlackSheep says:

whats the average of browsing and watching youtube?

MenaceInc says:

It doesn't apply to browsing or youtube as the 20MB limit is for games downloaded from PSN. To download a game or game data such as DLC from PSN over 3G, it has to be under 20MB.

ShadowmanX5 says:

This sort of thing makes me glad to have my htc desire Android phone, portable Wifi hotspot where ever I go ;) wil be saving my money an simply buying a Wifi only model of the Vita :D

you say: