iR Shell 4.92 Released, Adds LEDA Interoperability

by Mike Bendel March 13, 2009 @ 1:39 pm

Homebrew developer AhMan has rolled out a preliminary update to multi-tasking shell iR Shell, adding support for Dark_AleX’s legacy homebrew enabler, more commonly known as LEDA. Apart from this rather significant addition, a new feature allowing emulated PSOne titles to run at 30FPS through RemoteJoy has been added.

Should do well to tide folks over for the next major iR Shell update, which is poised to take multi-tasking to the next level on PSP, enabling users to launch homebrew applications in a separate window while playing a UMD game for example.

The complete changelog can be found past the break, detailing a couple bug fixes in addition to the two functionality highlights mentioned above.

New Features:
– Added support to Dark_AleX’s LEDA. Pls note iR Shell only supports LEDA version 0.2. To enable LEDA support within iR Shell, enable the option “Legacy Homebrew Support via DA’s LEDA” under iR Configurator.
– Increase remotejoy framerate to around 30 FPS while running PS1 games.

Bug Fixes:
– Fixed most game audio stuttering while mp3 is playing.
– Fixed PPA plugin crashing with nethostfs/usbhostfs access.

Special thanks to:
– Dark_AleX for the M33 custom firmwares and his assistance during iR Shell development.
– Tyranid and other developers in for creating the pspsdk.
– F34R, Osgeld, StoneCut and other moderators who keep running and providing technical support to the community.
– All iR Shell beta testers, donators, skins & plugin contributors.

– M33 Custom firmware & popsloader are developed by Dark_AleX/M33.
– remotejoy & usbhostfs are developed by Tyranid.
– iR Shell bundled skins & plugins are developed by their corresponding authors.
– iR Shell Manual & FAQs are written by StoneCut.

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Download iR Shell 4.92

iR Shell 4.92 Released [AhMan]

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