PSP Homebrew: Flash Spacer

by Mike Bendel April 6, 2009 @ 5:54 pm

Update: An update to Flash Spacer has been released, adding support for backing up files as promised. The author plans to incorporate a built-in menu in future builds.

Developer alex_e has released a utility to remove the built-in Location Free player from PSP firmware, useful for saving flash memory space on Phat units. The author notes that it was tested specifically with 5.00 M33 firmware. Although functionality remains fairly basic at the moment, future plans in store for the application include a backup and restore option.

Currently all this does is remove location free player. However, in future updates, I plan to add support for backing up the files before flashing.

If you can help me on this or you have any suggestions ask me on eXophase.

Download Flash Spacer

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