Sony: Expanded PlayStation Network Services May Come By Next Spring

by Mike Bendel June 25, 2009 @ 8:40 pm

Sony has already begun to ramp up its content library on the PlayStation Network as of late, offering more PSOne classics as well as digitally converted UMDs on the PSP side of things. But what’s next? A yet-unnamed service that will interact with the backbone of PSN and extend to other areas of interest, such as TVs.

Although it will interface with PSN, SCE president Kaz Hirai calls the service “broader and more open” in an interview with CNN Money. It is said to simplify the task of transferring content, such as images and video, over to devices of different types. Additionally, Sony is mulling over the idea of awarding loyal consumers with discounts and premium content. Makes you think, could trophies attained in PS3 titles be used as a gauge of loyalty?

Speculation aside, we’re left wondering how it will all work out, but Sony is keeping quiet on details. Hirai is aiming for an initial rollout of this PSN expansion by next Spring.

Sony: Lost in transformation [CNN]

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