PSPgo Save Game Exploit Released, Sony Swiftly Responds

by Mike Bendel November 23, 2009 @ 3:10 pm

Over this past weekend developer FreePlay released the save game exploit for the PSPgo he showcased last month. Based largely on code from team Prometheus, it is compatible with firmware 6.10 and takes advantage of a user mode vulnerability in Archer Maclean’s Mercury. We’ve tested it on our unit and it works exactly as you’d expect. However, Sony removed the offending game title mere minutes after this hack hit the web, in addition to patching this exploit at the firmware level in 6.20. As of writing, it is back, now swapped with a copy that requires firmware 6.20 instead of 6.10.

As Sony has full control over PSN, this was a move more or less expected by those in the homebrew community, leading to questions of why this was even released in the first place. At the very least, it’s proof that these types of exploits are not viable on the go. Chalk it up as a victory for Sony this time around, but if history is any indication, the tables could turn once again in the future.

For archival purposes, we’ve included a copy of the exploit below. However, remember that it is not usable unless you downloaded Mercury prior to it being patched.

Download Leaked PSPgo Save Game Exploit

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