Rumor: Logitech Devising External UMD Drive for PSPgo

by Mike Bendel December 2, 2009 @ 12:48 pm

Update: Consider this rumor squashed — at least officially. A representative from Logitech has denied the report, saying that “this is not something that our company is working on.”

An inside source has told UK news site CVG that Logitech is working on an external UMD drive for the PSPgo, presumably allowing owners to playback of their games on the format. There’s word on hwo the attachment will work exactly, but CVG surmises that it could plug into left memory stick slot, much like Datel’s unofficial hard drive add-on for original PSP units did.

Sounds a little far-fetched to us, unless Sony plans on officially endorsing this peripheral. Logitech will need licensing on this item if it ever plans to see the light of day. Besides, with the push towards digital distribution on the go, it seems silly for Sony to backpedal like this. On the other hand, having more options is good for the consumer. However, we don’t see it happening. A revised PSP adopting the same sliding design as the go but with a built-in UMD slot sounds more likely. PSP-4000, anyone?

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