Rumor: PS3 Goes 3D In June With Firmware Update

by Mike Bendel March 9, 2010 @ 5:49 pm

According to a report from Japanese hardware site AV Watch, support for 3D gaming with select titles will hit the PS3 on June 6. As revealed last month, this newfangled capability will be added seamlessly through a firmware update, one that is reportedly in the hands of developers as we speak. A 3D rendition of Super Stardust HD was confirmed at CES earlier this year.

We’re filing this under rumor for now, as quite frankly, it is rare to see dates for firmware stem from a source other than Sony itself.

Given that 3D-capable TV sets are just beginning to sweep into the market and that Sony has repeatedly voiced its intent to support 3D gaming on PS3, however, we couldn’t imagine the release of this update being far off. Introducing this feature in June certainly sounds probable.

ソニー、“本物の3Dへ”。3D BRAVIA 3シリーズを発売 -2D-3D変換も。メガネ×2「LX900」、最高画質「HX900」 [AV Watch]

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