PS3 Firmware 3.21 Goes Live, OtherOS Goes Bye-Bye

by Mike Bendel March 31, 2010 @ 9:07 pm

For those still clinging on to the belief that Sony’s removal of OtherOS support was an elaborate ruse for April Fools Day, consider that hopeful thought nullified. Firmware 3.21 has gone live and removes OtherOS once installed per Sony’s announcement last weekend. For those that update, the feature will become completely inaccessible, leaving all but a fond memory of Sony’s goodwill towards the open-source community.

Sony’s decision to remove it was likely prompted by Geohot’s ongoing effort to hack the PS3 amid piracy concerns. For his part, Geohot says he is devising a workaround that will allow users to update while retaining access to OtherOS. Those second-guessing themselves on making the plunge to update are advised to wait, taking this development into consideration.

As of writing, units running an earlier firmware revision have already been locked out of PSN. In order to log back on, Sony is mandating that all PS3 owners download and install the update.

Download PS3 Firmware 3.21

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