Unannounced Title Will Blow Your Socks Off, Says Square Enix

by Mike Bendel May 6, 2010 @ 11:28 am

Once again, Square Enix is drumming up hype for its yet to be announced title, codename Project X. Not only will you be “shocked and stoked,” this title will blow your socks off. That’s according to a tweet from Supreme Commander 2 executive producer David Hoffman:

Knee deep in review for project X. When revealed it will blow your socks off! The media thought SE and GPG was interesting – just wait!

Square Enix has yet offer up any clues as to what the title may be. Gas Powered Games do have a long-standing  heritage in the real-time strategy genre, which logically, could serve as an indication of the direction SE is taking. Let’s face it, though. If the project is as half as earth-shattering as they say, logical guesses won’t help us unravel the mystery.

More at E3? Hopefully.

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