Nintendo To Revamp Digital Distribution Approach With 3DS

by Mike Bendel July 12, 2010 @ 1:52 pm

Nintendo’s approach to digital distribution is one of mixed opinions. While there’s no shortage of content on the company’s DSiWare and WiiWare services, the available offerings aren’t exactly promoted well. Browsing store pages on either service is nowhere as intuitive as it is on Xbox Live or PSN, at least in our experience.

Not one to shy away from its faults, Nintendo has admitted its online efforts have been lacking as of late, leaving many to question when change is coming.

Nintendo president Satoru Iwata hopes the company will rectify this “situation” beginning with the release of its 3D-touting handheld successor, the 3DS. Take it away, Iwata:

We are thinking the release of new hardware should be good timing for a dramatic improvement of this situation. In addition to the function of ‘3D graphics without 3D glasses,’ Nintendo 3DS will have enhanced wireless communication function.

Nintendo 3DS will receive various pieces of information automatically if there is a chance of communication while a user carries it even when he or she does not try to start communication pro-actively by unfolding Nintendo 3DS. By combining Nintendo 3DS with such function, we are now planning to expand our digital-distribution type of business.

Aside from the fact that this all but confirms a 3DSWare service is in the works, it’s nice to have a timeframe on when Nintendo will begin to make these strides. Now, if Nintendo can pull this off while allowing early adopters of DSiWare to transfer content over to the 3DS, then we’ll be pleased. Super pleased, in fact.

The 3DS is due out sometime before March of next year. Read our impressions here.

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