PS3 Modchip ‘PSJailbreak’ Surfaces, Touts Plug-And-Play Backup Loading

by Justin Baillargeon August 19, 2010 @ 3:19 pm

Earlier today a USB dongle was revealed for use with the PlayStation 3 that would allow you to backup and run games your blu-ray games from your internal or external HDD. Many PS3 developers have chimed in on this new “modchip” and have determined that it relies heavily on the official PS3 SDK, making things a whole lot easier for the PS Jailbreak team (the ones responsible for this).

For now a few people have managed to get their hands on the device and have confirmed its legitimacy, however there’s one large restriction. The NTFS file format is currently not supported, so good luck trying to backup anything over 4GB. The asking price is also quite a shocker with one distributor already taking pre-orders for the hefty sum of $170. I would just recommend for a free solution to come from the scene before you waste any of your money on this product.

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Mathieulh on PS Jailbreak’s Backup Manager:

psjailbreak’s so called “Backup Manager” (which is pretty much the only thing available to download on their website) is a debug package including a regular fself compiled with the (massively privately leaked) 1.92 sdk, The package itself is generated with Sony’s official sdk tool (make_package_npdrm revision 1203 probably from that very same sdk) that makes it illegal to share because I am quite sure psjailbreak staff doesn’t have the appropriate license to be using the official Playstation 3 SDK and its tools. The binary itself seems to use the usual sce apis when it comes to the gui or copying files over.

It does run on a debug console and displays a “nicely” done GUI that lets you “backup” your game to the external or usb hdd and “run” them later on. Needless to say the backups wont “run” as their “backup manager” is just a regular fself running with game privileges and doesn’t make use of any exploits that I can think of. Needless to say that if their so called usb dongle is real (which I doubt) it does extensive use of leaked sony’s software and keys/certificates.

Mathieulh on the USB dongle and why he thinks it works (via Twitter):

Ok, I know enough people that have the dongle to confirm that it’s real even though I don’t have one myself (yet). I believe it to be a USB jig; it’s triggered the same way as SCE’s official version so they must then use an exploit and do some lv2 patches. It’s also likely that they “finalize” (set recover flag to 0) the console at every boot because you always need to use power + eject.

It also doesn’t convert a retail to debug perse, there is no debug menu and no deci3 (debugging) support as far as I know. Also the fact that it only runs on 3.31 suggests that they do memory patches rather than run another kernel on the console. I might be wrong about that though since I don’t have one yet myself.

For those doubting the first video because the PS3 was out of sight for a good portion of it, they made a second one shortly after:

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