Kaz Hirai “Happy” With PSPgo Momentum, Shies Away From Digital-Only Future

by Mike Bendel September 8, 2010 @ 1:50 pm

Releasing the PSPgo marked Sony’s first stab at a digital-only handheld. Suffice to say, reactions were mixed — and to add insult to injury, its initial release was marred by a lack of content on the PlayStation Store. Growing pains aside, how has the UMD-less handheld held up sales-wise since its October debut last year? Pretty well, at least in the eyes of Sony Computer Entertainment CEO Kaz Hirai.

Although Sony has been notoriously reluctant to share actual sales figures on the device, Hirai says he is “happy” with the results the PlayStation division has seen in a recent interview with trade site MCV, giving it his personal vote of confidence:

I’m happy with the results that we’ve seen on PSP go, including the invaluable feedback that we’ve been getting from our consumers. I think it has done well for us.

Going forward, Sony plans to embrace digital distribution alongside continuing to churn out retail product. These are indications that a “digital-only” future may still be far off yet, especially for the inevitable PSP2 and PS4.

“There will always be requirement for a business with the size and scope of our magnitude to have a physical medium,” noted Hirai.

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