JaiCraB’s USB Firmware Loader Released for PS3

by Mike Bendel September 17, 2010 @ 6:24 pm

Progress is being made at an amazing pace in the PS3 scene! Developer JaiCraB has released a USB firmware loader application that can load an ENTIRE firmware direct from USB. Reminds us of the good ‘ol DevHook days back on PSP.

As a result, this allows users to modify firmware resource files such as RCOs without any risk of bricking the unit. This could very well open the floodgates to a full-blown custom firmware in time. However, do take caution, as updating to a new firmware under the USB environment still affects the main dev_flash partition — not all routines are redirected, yet.

Further details are available in the provided readme file, which we’ve ran through Google Translate below:

This program allows to simulate the dev_flash from USB. Allowing a Custom Firmware. We may modify the files of our new dev_flash (USB) as we please, without running the risk of throwing away the PS3. It is a beta version, probably find bugs. I will continue working on it when time permits me. Remember that suffers no risk to the console. All that is changed the new dev_flash’ll be doing really USB.

1: Syscall PEEK and POKE. <— PSGroove v1.1

1: Copy the “FTP server” the entire contents of the / dev_flash the USB (the root).
2: Copy the JaiC_USB_FIRM_LOADER.pkg also the root of the USB.
3: Install the package.

1: Insert the USB into the PS3.
3: After a few seconds will return to the XMB.
4: The new firmare is loaded.

You will see that whatever you do the USB will be launched. Ideal for amending RCO, exchange modules, as you imagine.

USB Firm Loader [JaiCraB’s Blog]

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