Wii Hacking Guru Teases PS3 Linux Bootloader, Return of OtherOS On 3.21+?

by Mike Bendel September 22, 2010 @ 4:15 pm

Team Twiizers member Marcan – one of the brains behind the infamous Twilight Hack for Wii – has hinted that he is working on a custom PS3 Linux bootloader.

“I suck at names. Help me name a usb-exploit PS3 Linux bootloader? All I came up with so far is lv2ate (“levitate”) and AnotherOS,” tweeted Marcan.

As you may well be aware, recent developments in the PS3 scene have given homebrew developers access to LV2 address space, meaning a third-party implementation of “OtherOS” is technically fesible on all exploitable firmware releases including 3.21 and beyond, even though Sony “removed” such functionality.

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