Sega Saturn Emulator Yabause Ported To PS3

by Mike Bendel September 24, 2010 @ 4:59 pm

Courtesy of Team GEN, the latest in an onslaught of emulators for PS3 is a port of Yabause, which emulates the multi-core powerhouse that is the Sega Saturn. Although short lived, it had its fair share of classics — most notably NiGHTS and Panzer Dragoon.

As far as emulation goes, don’t expect miracles in the speed or compatibility department: it’s still very early in development and should be considered a work-in-progress.

While a readme file is absent, do note that you will need a copy of the Saturn BIOS to run this one, which we are unable to provide for legal reasons.

EXCLU Homebrew РYabause : un premier émulateur SEGA Saturn [PS3Gen]

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