PSP Firmware 6.20 Kernel Exploit Uncovered, 6.20 TN Teased

by Mike Bendel October 10, 2010 @ 3:01 am

Sure, hacking your PSP may be old hat now, but the homebrew scene is still alive and kicking. Developer Total_Noob has reportedly uncovered a kernel exploit applicable to all PSP revisions running firmware 6.20.

What’s more, is that he’s working on a 6.20-compatible homebrew-enabler (HEN for short). It’s dubbed 6.20 TN and much like Team Typhoon’s ChickHEN before it, applies RAM-level patches that remain in resident memory, granting unrestricted access to homebrew in the process.

There’s no word on when this might see a public release as of yet. Check out the clip above for footage of it in action.

[WIP] 6:20 TN (HEN), founded kernel exploit, reverse engineered Rebootex []

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