Update: PS3 Firmware 3.60 Drops Tomorrow, Introduces Cloud Saving

by Mike Bendel March 9, 2011 @ 9:42 pm

Update: PS3 firmware 3.60 has gone live. Grab it via Network Update or manually from our download section.

Sony’s announced that PS3 firmware 3.60 will drop tomorrow, bringing with it an added incentive for PSN Plus subscribers. On a per PSN account basis, those under the pay-for loyalty program will receive the ability to store up to 150MB of game save data and a maximum of 1000 data files to Sony’s cloud infrastructure.

In addition, users can back-up “copy-prohibited save data” on the cloud. Restores of previously saved data are limited to once every 24 hours. While Sony says “most” PS3 titles will be compatible with the new online storage method right out of the gate, the company has made support mandatory in new titles going forward.

Last but not least, aside from the cloud saving highlight, “other minor features” are due for inclusion in firmware 3.60. Looks like we’ll find out what else awaits tomorrow.

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