Vancouver-Based Microsoft Studio Developing ‘Core AAA Shooter’ for Kinect

by Mike Bendel May 2, 2011 @ 11:01 am

THQ isn’t the only company that plans on targeting core gamers with Kinect, as it’s been revealed that Microsoft’s own Vancouver studio is developing an “AAA shooter” for the motion-tracking camera.

“MGS Vancouver is building a world-class development team in Vancouver, BC, Canada, dedicated to making games for “core” gamers. Our mission is to push the limits of proven and unexplored game development and show the world what’s possible on Microsoft’s game consoles. And yes, we’re also an awesome place to work!” reads a blurb on the studio’s official website.

Digging deeper, the resume of MGS Vancouver employee Shawn Woods references a “core AAA shooter experience using Kinect.” Sounds interesting, to say the least. Here’s hoping we’ll see it at E3.

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