Hackers Used Amazon Cloud Server As Proxy In PSN Attack

by Mike Bendel May 14, 2011 @ 11:39 am

It’s come to light that the hackers responsible for infiltrating Sony’s PSN infrastructure took extra steps to cover their tracks — using Amazon’s EC2 service as a proxy to conduct their malicious deeds. While the hackers did not break into Amazon’s network, they did sign-up using fake details, which has prompted an investigation from the FBI’s cyber crime unit.

As part of its ongoing investigation, sources say the FBI will likely serve a subpoena to Amazon to gain access to usage history for the services used,  in addition to payment details — as Amazon’s EC2 services require a valid credit card.

The PSN still remains out of commission, 3 weeks and counting, despite Sony stating that it was hopeful the service would return in a “few days” last Tuesday.

Amazon Server Said to Be Used in Sony Attack [Bloomberg]

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