MotorStorm Arctic Edge, Everyboy’s Tennis Returns On European PlayStation Store

by Mike Bendel April 18, 2012 @ 11:34 am

Update: Hot Shots Tennis (aka Everyboy’s Tennis Portable) is also now showing up on the PS Store.

After being removed by Sony from the PlayStation Store shortly after a game exploit targeting the PS Vita’s PSP emulator surfaced, MotorStorm Arctic Edge has returned on the PlayStation Store, as spotted by Hellcat.

While the associated vulnerability has almost certainly been patched, this means those that purchased the title prior to its removal can now access the game once again.

There’s no word on when Hot Shots Tennis — the other Vita compatible PSP title to suffer a similar fate — will reappear on the store. At any rate, at least we now know that Sony isn’t going to pull these titles indefinitely.

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