Sega Confirms Nights into Dreams HD

by David Sanchez July 5, 2012 @ 10:10 am

Just two days ago Sega updated its Facebook page with a screenshot of what appeared to be an enhanced version of one of the stages from NiGHTS into Dreams. Revered as a Sega Saturn classic, the game delivered a fantastical on-rails experience that featured wonderfully colorful visuals and cheery music. Of course, all we had was that screenshot and fans’ hopes for an HD remake.

Now, though, Sega has confirmed that NiGHTS into Dream will be getting the HD treatment as it flies onto digital download platforms. In addition to revamped visuals, the game will also include leaderboards, Achievements, and Trophies. And for you purists out there, worry not, for NiGHTS into Dreams will also boast a Saturn mode that lets you play the game with its original visuals intact.

No word on pricing yet, and the exact release date hasn’t been confirmed by Sega, but at least we know NiGHTS into Dreams is coming to Xbox Live Arcade, PlayStation network, and PC. It’s great to see Sega reviving its most popular games for both fans and newcomers to experience.

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