PlayStation Store New-Look Leverages HTML5, No Changes Made to ‘My Downloads’ List Yet

by Mike Bendel October 11, 2012 @ 2:18 pm

Sony has dished out more details on the PlayStation Store revamp scheduled to go live on October 17 in Europe. Of note: according to PlayStation Digital Platforms team member Morgan Haro, the redesigned store is built on HTML5.

What does this mean for you? Initially – not much, says Haro, but it will allow Sony to iterate faster, providing “flexibility to seamlessly add new features and capabilities.” Since the store no longer fully relies on native PS3 functions, perhaps this will eventually usher in the return of a proper web interface for the store. This would allow users to access it via PCs and other non-Sony devices, akin to Steam.

Haro also confirmed that the “My Downloads” list will stay the sameĀ in the store refresh, at least initially. The switch to HTML5 means Sony can tweak these aspects of the store easier and faster. Here’s hoping that means we’ll eventually get sorting options and the ability to search. Additionally, the new look will apply to PS3 only. The Vita store will not undergo any changes as part of this update.

Thanks, PS Blog.

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