Disney Infinity: Toy Story in Space Review: Ride ’em, Space Cowboy

by David Sanchez December 17, 2013 @ 10:54 pm

Disney Infinity - Toy Story in Space - Feature

It’s no secret that the Toy Story franchise is pretty rad, and it’s easily one of the greatest things to come from Disney and Pixar. If you don’t think so, it’s very likely that you don’t have a heart, because we were all toy-loving kids at some point. That’s why Toy Story is a no-brainer as far as Disney Infinity is concerned, and it’s a perfect fit for Disney Interactive’s massive toy-collecting platform. Admittedly, the Toy Story in Space Play Set isn’t the best new addition to the game, but it’s still well worth checking out.

Note: If you’ve yet to play the base Disney Infinity game, check out our review of the Starter Pack.

Rather than following the events from any of the Toy Story films, this Play Set tells a simple original tale. There’s no epic battle against Emperor Zurg’s forces (outside of a combat simulator), and instead, you’re aiding those goofy aliens who worship “the claw.” It’s not exactly memorable from a story perspective, but it’s lighthearted and charming enough to keep you interested throughout.

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If you’ve played previous Disney Infinity expansions before, you pretty much know what to expect here. These characters control the same as those found in other Play Sets, and though they have new abilities such as using Buzz’s blaster and jetpack, this is a return to the intuitive and fun gameplay design that this series has become known for. Missions are simple, too, though a lot of them require you to perform multiple tasks, which helps keep you busy. Of course, if you’re already experiencing Disney Infinity fatigue, this particular Play Set won’t offer anything truly novel.

The open world of Toy Story in Space is pretty cool, and there’s a nice verticality to it. That’s not to say that you’ll be scaling massive towers, but there are plenty of caves located high on the map and cliffs that can be explored with a bit of upward platforming. Taking the time to do so will reward you with oodles of collectibles and side quests, so it’s worth visiting areas outside of the main hub.

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A major part of the world is a colored goo that can either make your characters grow or shrink. This is actually quite essential to the experience, as being a specific size helps to reach different areas. Some collectibles, for example, are tucked away in hidden areas that you can only enter if you shrink down to fit into a tiny entrance. Like some of the collection gameplay, shifting in size can get a little old, but overall, it’s a nice mechanic.

Sadly, Toy Story in Space could’ve benefited from more variety. The Lone Ranger (hello there, Mr. Review!) featured one of the coolest worlds and some of the best missions in all of Disney Infinity. It’s a shame that the same can’t be said about Toy Story in Space. Thankfully, even though it isn’t as great as Disney’s take on the Wild West, it’s still really entertaining.

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My biggest gripe with this Play Set isn’t its lack of variety or emphasis on collect-a-thons. No, the most annoying thing is that when you purchase the Play Set, it comes with Buzz and Jessie instead of Buzz and Woody. This was clearly a strategic move to get people to purchase the standalone Woody figure. Oh, Disney, you sly devil, you! Woody’s a fan favorite, and teaming him up with Buzz in a futuristic toy world is a great idea, so it’s upsetting that you need to pay more cash just to do so.

If you like Toy Story and genuinely enjoy the Disney Infinity Play Sets, there’s really no reason to skip Toy Story in Space. The Lone Ranger is still the top Play Set in the entire series, and you can make a legitimate argument for The Incredibles as a strong second choice, but even then, this is a nice expansion. In addition, the jetpack is great, and taking it into Toy Box mode is fitting for that sandbox component. In the end, Toy Story in Space provides a few extra hours of fun and some neat extras; not to mention a ton of delightful fan service.

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