Papers, Please Dev Would Like to Do a PS Vita Version, Not Sure How to Approach It

by David Sanchez February 25, 2014 @ 8:31 pm

Papers, Please

Papers, Please creator Lucas Pope has expressed interest in releasing a Vita port of his riveting, artful title. Speaking to VG247, Pope stated that he’s torn between developing the port himself and having the project handled by another developer.

Thus far, he’s been the only person to work on Papers, Please. As such, it’s hard for Pope to even think about allowing another studio to work on the project he holds so near and dear.

In addition, the dev considers himself somewhat of a “control freak,” but it’s not just about control. He would genuinely like to tinker with the Vita hardware and learn how to develop for the platform, though that could take some doing.

Ultimately, however, Pope has decided to step away from Papers, Please for the time being with the exception of updates for the PC version. He’s also planning on releasing a free game before porting Papers, Please to the iPad.

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