Rumor: PSP-3000 In Production, First Alleged Photos Surface

by Mike Bendel July 21, 2008 @ 8:59 pm

According to forum posters at PSPChina, the long-rumored PSP-3000 in is production and will include a built-in mic, along with minor cosmetic changes.

To substantiate their claims, one of the forum goers supplied a photo of the unit, which depicts a new button with the PS brand logo next to the two volume push buttons, in replace of the HOME button found on the PSP-1000 and 2000 series. To the right of the volume buttons is the microphone.

Again, the validity of these photos is questionable. Take this rumor with a grain of salt, though to be honest the PSP-3000 is more a matter of when rather than if.

PSP-3000? [PSPChina]

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