No-Modchip DVD Access Library Hits Wii This Week

by Mike Bendel July 27, 2008 @ 12:52 pm

Owners of a non-modified Wii will soon have the ability to read DVD-R content on their console, as Marcan of Team Twiizers has announced that a DVD access library is in development.

Slated for a public release later this week, the library will not be delivered through a custom IOS file, allowing users to playback not only video DVDs using a Wii-specific port of MPlayer, but also homebrew applications that support reading in files direct from DVD.

Erant has been developing a library that uses this trick to enable DVD access for homebrew. We hope to release it this coming week, after a few details have been polished. svpe and dhewg have been working on a native mplayer port that uses this library to play back DVDs, which we hope to release as a proof-of-concept together with the library. We also have DVD-loading versions of snes9x and Genplus.

Marcan further noted that a modchip-specific version of the library, which requires using a custom IOS file with the UnencryptedRead patch on certain chip models, is in the works.

For those concerned over the piracy implications, Marcan said that while it is possible, it’s “relatively difficult” to adapt this library into a backup loader for Wii titles.

DVD Access Library (no modchip required) [HackMii]

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