Hellcat’s Recovery Flasher For PSP

by Mike Bendel August 4, 2008 @ 11:35 pm

Homebrew developer Hellcat dropped by our forums today to release a nifty utility that can easily restore semi-bricked PSP units without Pandora.

Dubbed Recovery Flasher, the application can be run from within the recovery menu on any PSP running custom firmware. Upon launch, users are presented with a number of options, allowing them to back-up and restore content on the PSP’s flash memory, ranging from XMB theme files to license data associated with PSN store purchases. Furthermore, it is possible to install 3.71 M33 from within the flasher, which is useful for those who are stuck with a semi-brick or simply wish to downgrade from a later M33 release.

What is this? And why?

* Flashes a fresh 3.71-M33 – for recovering semi-bricks or to
up-/downgrade CFW
* does not use Pandora, runns from the recovery menu or the XMB
* does not use (as in launch) the original Sony Updater (only extracts
all required files from the original .PBP)
* runs fine on CFWs lower than 3.52-M33-3 – handy for upgrading older
FWs w/o the “need to go 3.52, then 3.52-3, then higher” odyssey
* runs fine from TimeMachine (3.40-OE on Fat and 3.60-M33 on Slim)
* can backup the FW flash and restore selected parts (XMB theme,
settings, PSN activation)

Download Recovery Flasher

Release Thread

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