Interlacing Artifacts Show Up In New PSP-3000 LCDs

by Mike Bendel October 16, 2008 @ 8:32 pm

A number of users over at the official PlayStation forums are reporting that the LCD screen found in PSP-3000 units has poor de-interlacing quality, resulting in a somewhat noticeable reduction of image quality in fast-moving sequences displayed on-screen.

Forum user Prothean supplied a video clip that shows the aforementioned issue in action. As you can see, scanlines are visible when moving between icons in the XMB. The same effect is nowhere to be seen on the PSP-2000 unit, which is compared to a 3000 model side-by-side in the video.

Another user, Jasoncps, likened the interlacing artifacts to the picture shown below, which is riddled with faded scanlines. He further noted that the issue was most prevalent with dark objects on light colored background.

Right now, we cannot say for sure if this issue is affecting all 3000 owners. It is certainly affecting a considerable amount, though, if the reports on the PlayStation forums are any indication.

PSP-3000’s screen has scanlines, games have odd interlacing problems [PlayStation Forums]

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