StrmnNrmn Returns, Joins DaedalusX64 Team

by Mike Bendel November 27, 2008 @ 1:08 pm

As what should come as a delightful surprise to many, developer StrmnNrmn has joined the ranks of the DaedalusX64 team, an open-source effort aimed at delivering an efficient Nintendo 64 emulator for PSP.

According to project lead Kreationz, StrmnNrmn has been quietly working on an updated port of the emulator in his spare time, and now with a public beta of DaedalusX64 out, there is talk to merge code between the two projects. Do not expect these changes to happen overnight of course, but at the very least, it’s good to hear that StrmnNrmn has returned.

That’s right, I have permission to let everyone know. I have been in contact directly with StrnmNrmn for a few days now and he is coming back to Daedalus. He’s going to be making a small commit to DaedalusX64. (Fixes an issue loading some homebrew N64 roms). He’s been working on a port for the original. ATM he is looking at our new code. He said he’s glad there is a team working on it and said that was something the original project was lacking. However don’t get overexcited as he said life is still very busy for him and he won’t have much time for Daedalus and will be on more of a consulting role until he gets more time. A few users already noticed he’s already been added to the SF project, but here’s the short list of it:

1.StrmnNrmn is back.
2.He approves of the project. (As long as we stay open source.)
On that note the SVN is located at: https://daedalusx64.svn.sourceforge….ot/daedalusx64
Anyone can have the latest Alpha if they want it they just have to build it. (Beta 1 was Revision 22, Current as of this post is Revision 54, but they latest version isn’t considered stable and is very much a WIP)
3.He also said he will contribute to the project after he gets done with his current port.
4.He also said he might stop by the IRC sometime.

Other questions:
Will he ever update his blog?

Is the code going to be merged?
Not at this point but we will be keeping each other informed of changes.

How he been doing?
Been doing well, but life has been busy for him.

That’s all for now,

He’s back…. What? The dead has risen again. [DaedalusX64]

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