PSP Firmware 5.03 Incoming

by Mike Bendel January 19, 2009 @ 8:44 pm

Update: The update is now available and as per usual, can be directly downloaded through this link or via Network Update.

As the headline clearly indicates, PSP firmware 5.03 is due out shortly. It’s being touted as a maintenance update only, so if you were expecting any new features or enhancements, save that excitement for another day. According to PlayStation Network director Eric Lempel, the sole purpose of this update is to fix a security vulnerability found in the latest PSP system software revision:

I wanted to give you a quick heads up that a new PSP firmware update, v. 5.03, will be released soon. This update includes a security patch for the PSP’s system software.

Most likely, this security patch deals with closing up with the user mode exploit found in GripShift a couple weeks ago. So, if you fancy running homebrew code on that PSP-3000, it’d be wise to refrain from updating. Just sayin.

PSP 5.03 Update [PS Blog]

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