Wolfenstein3D v5.2 Beta: Bug Fixes Ahoy

by Mike Bendel January 23, 2009 @ 7:14 pm

After a brief hiatus, homebrew developer Zack returns with an update to his Wolfenstein3D PSP port. Changes made in this release are primarily focused on bug fixes, all of which are conveniently outlined below:

* Analog Input Speed Issue Fixed.
* Fixed Incorrect Exit Messages.
* Fixed DeathCam & Death Screen. The Screen Fills Red When You Die Now.

The author further notes that version 6.0 is on the way, although no specific release date was provided. Planned for inclusion is automap support for playing from a top-down perspective.

Download Wolfenstein3D v5.2 Beta / Floppy Patch

Wolfenstein 3D V5.2 Beta – Various Bugfixes [RetroEMU]

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