• 108 Achievements Earned
  • 22 Players Tracked
  • 5 Total Achievements
  • 73 Obtainable EXP
  • 21 100% Club

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70 Seconds! Adventure - a game where you have to wander around the locations in search of a way out of here. You will have to overcome the intricate locations filled with aggressive monsters and various bosses. Choose your weapon and arm yourself with it and go to a dangerous world. Destroy aggressive bosses, find funny references and Easter eggs, meet different achivki and find new weapons. Go through an adventure that you will remember forever.
As you progress through the game you will find a variety of weapons:
Upcoming for destruction of monsters and bosses, using a variety of ordnance and tactics are not ogranichivayutsya opportunities
Also, you will not pass the game without meeting on the way aggressive monsters:
Monsters in the game can meet different, some will look like small and harmless animals, and others on the contrary will do everything that would destroy you.

As well as the passage of the game you will meet the Bosses:
This is a separate type of Monsters that have a large amount of health and special abilities. Because of the good protection and a large number of health to win them is not so easy, but with the proper skill and desire everything is possible.