• 9 Achievements Earned
  • 2 Players Tracked
  • 22 Total Achievements
  • 463 Obtainable EXP
  • 0 100% Club

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Each human is made up of several limbs and organs. Bacteria and other forms of microscopic life inhabit it. Your role as a disease will be to fight for survival! fight the cells on your way, evolve thanks to your ability to mutate and when you are ready, attack the organs to finish off your victim!


  • A randomly generated body filled with rooms ready to be explored.

  • 5+ different diseases to unlock, each granting different objectives

  • 5+ unleashed bosses who will give everything not to be infected and to protect the body

  • 50+ unique items making each game unique.

  • An immune system taking the form of enemy and event! attack the body without paying attention and it will respond by reinforcing your opponents or putting beats in the wheels