• 153 Achievements Earned
  • 12 Players Tracked
  • 17 Total Achievements
  • 975 Obtainable EXP
  • 7 100% Club

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A 2D platformer featuring 2 different kind of challenging short levels, one focusing on platforming and the other on enemies defeating, where you can choose the order you want to complete them on each different scenario.

Play as Amabilly, a lovely girl who loves rock 'n' roll! One day, she got sick and found herself in a dangerous place were strange creatures rules the world! Now it's up to her to face those badies using as weapon her very favorite guitar!

Travel through 4 fantastic places and fight strange monsters, with the power of your guitar! Along the journey you'll find helpful items which grants Amabilly special powers and makes your guitar more powerful! It's time to Rock!

- Visit 4 different scenarios;
- Explore in the order you prefer the levels on each area;
- 2 types of levels: focused on platforming and enemy defeating;
- Colorful 8-bit style graphics;
- Rock 'n' roll style music;
- A bunch of different Items to collect.