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About the Game

Badlands is a PVE-focused multiplayer open world sandbox set in a destroyed world. Be a post-apocalyptic scavenger and attempt to survive in a hostile environment. Use found resources to craft vital items and build a base to keep your horde safe. Befriend friendly scavengers and explore the environments of Badlands. Find new build plans, learn about the lore, and discover secrets by defeating the wasteland's most hostile creatures and give the inhabitants of this world a brief respite.

Badlands can be played in single-player or online multiplayer.
  • Choose: Choose between the deserts of New Hope or the damaged city of Paradise.
  • Explore: Scavenge the wasteland for vital supplies.
  • Crafting: Use scavenged materials to craft items needed to survive the wasteland
  • Build: Build a base to call your own or with friends
  • Environment: Day/Night Cycle with weather changes.
  • Story: Try to piece together the events that occurred before the bombs dropped.
  • Survive: Water is your most precious resource.
  • Single or Multiplayer: Play solo or team up with friendly scavengers and defeat the wasteland's most wanted.