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About the Game

Besiege is a physics building game about constructing mechanical machines to annihilate armies, obliterate castles and overcome challenging obstacles. Conquer the campaign or skirmish with friends in Multiplayer!

Create catapults, tanks, helicopters- anything you can imagine- with Besiege’s intuitive & flexible building system and extensive 70+ block collection!

The game’s intricate physics system creates a satisfying building & simulation experience, whether you’re the harbinger of destruction or your machine is falling apart.

Conquer your way through a singleplayer campaign of 55 destructible levels. Spanning across four island nations, each with its own environment, the campaign will pit you against unique civilizations ripe for conquest.

Cruise through Besiege’s huge sandbox levels, terrorizing their inhabitants, honing your craft & testing your ingenious prototypes.

Unlock more than 200,000 community made machines via the Steam Workshop, all available to download & play in your own game!

Besiege Multiverse is a portal for you to connect with other players and unleash chaos in multiplayer. Go head-to-head in epic machine combat or compete against your friends to complete level objectives and win custom game modes. Work cooperatively to conquer levels, complete puzzles and lay waste to armies & fortresses.

Besiege’s powerful level editing tools will enable you to wage war with AI armies and build custom environments with your friends! Make changes to levels in real time and create unique multiplayer experiences with the editor’s logic system. Robot wars, motor racing, football; there’s no end to the creative possibilities!

Besiege has built in support which has enabled our community to produce hundreds of mods and thousands of custom levels & skin packs. Easy to find and simple to install with Besiege’s Steam Workshop integration & our in-game modloader.

With more than 20,000 members, you’ll be sure to find help building, modding, skinning and if you’re looking for a challenge you can take part in one of the building contests.
The community Discord is also a great place to find other people to play multiplayer games with!