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A bubble-filled action-puzzle game bustling with energy! Take control of Bub, Bob, Peb or Pab as they blow bubble after bubble to capture and defeat bullies and battle big bosses across hundreds of stages! Don’t forget: bubbles are bouncy and blow with the wind: use this to traverse tricky traps and bypass bustling bullies!
And if you’re a builder, not a burster, you can make your very own stage and share it with other players too!

Two ways to play!

Story Mode
Main Story
Couch co-op with up to four friends in this mode! A child’s bedroom provides the background for this mode, with bookshelves, beds and toys providing the stage settings! Aim for Chain Burst Bonuses when popping bubbled bullies in big groups! Finish Normal Mode to unlock Hard Mode with different enemies and stage designs!

Arcade of Memories (Bubble Bobble)
Faithfully recreated from the original 1986 arcade game, Bubble Bobble allows two players to bounce back in time and experience the original bubble-blowing bonanza in this action puzzle game, packed with hidden tricks and secret commands!

Arcade of the Future (The Baron is Back!)
Finish the Main Story in Normal Mode to unlock 100 more super-hard stages for up to four players. No continues here, but Training will allow you to fine-tune your skills for each new stage. Earn Time Bonuses in place of Chain Burst Bonuses if you are fast enough!

Workshop Mode
Create your own stage by placing blocks, enemies and bubble-bustling wind too.
You can play your own creations, upload them for other players to enjoy and download and play stages created by other players too!

New and Improved Gameplay!

  • Online rankings!
    Each mode features leaderboards: contend with players everywhere for the high score!
  • Hone your Skills!
    Select a skill before playing Arcade of the Future. New Skills and extra slots are unlocked with in-game progress.
  • Continue with Invincibility!
    Continuing 3 times on the same stage of Main Story's Normal Mode allows you to become invincible!. Use it to burst through those tough stages!
  • Invincible Training!
    Continue with invincibility is available from the start in Arcade of the Future's Training. Ideal for practicing those super-hard spots!
  • Authentic arcade experience!
    Adjust screen ratio and add scanlines for a nostalgia hit with the original Bubble Bobble!