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This is a 3D platform control game. The gameplay is using a mind twisting method to control a spaceship to suck away the animals on the platform to complete the level task.


You have a mission to carry animals to a zoo. However, a sleepy thought slipped into your mind later discovered all animals have escaped on the way. There is one thing, you are controlling a thing that looks like a spaceship. And you saw your green arms, that doesn't look human at all! Catch the animals!


  • Left Front - LT / Right Front - RT
  • Left Back - LB / Right Back - RB

  • 20 Levels (EASY!)
  • Mind twisting Control
  • I don't think you can won level 1 in 1 minutes
  • This is a simple game!
  • Don't break you controller!
  • Nothing is impossible!