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  • 50 Players Tracked
  • 12 Total Achievements
  • 4,550 Obtainable EXP
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You are a new intern at GOOBER Laboratories, a world-renown research center for genetic engineering. After a giant chicken breaks out of its containment and kills dozens of workers, you are sent in to subdue it. Guided by a voice over the radio, you descend into the facility, luring the Chicken to a place where it can be safely captured. However, the plan quickly goes off the rails.

You have no way of defending yourself. Your only choices are to run, hide, or die.

This Game Features:

  • A deeply atmospheric and terrifying world.
  • A compelling and interesting story.
  • No loading screens between levels.

Run For Your Life:

  • The Chicken may be faster than you, but you're smarter.
  • Use your wits to cut corners, slide into small spaces, and evade the Chicken.
  • Darkness is your friend. Embrace it, and maybe the Chicken won't see you.


  • Travel into the depths of the facility and visit unique locations that challenge your wits.

Uncover a Mystery:

  • There is something else going on. Find voice recordings scattered around the facility to gain insight into the employees and their work.

Built with Unreal Engine 5.