• 24,557 Achievements Earned
  • 3,267 Players Tracked
  • 37 Total Achievements
  • 8,261 Obtainable EXP
  • 150 100% Club
Earned Date
  • Buy an upgrade. Good thing you old types like a bit of DIY, eh?

    66.79% (43.00)
  • Fully upgrade a single kart aspect, putting the younger generation and their custom cars to shame with your far superior experience in craftsmanship. And less body kits.

    36.85% (79.00)
  • Fully upgrade your kart, showing your grandkids the money they could have had if they were nicer.

    11.85% (245.00)
  • Win your first race, proving that old people everywhere actually can drive at a moderate pace.

    66.33% (44.00)
  • Run over an opponent’s fallen body, adding insult to an already pretty painful injury. You monster.

    88.46% (33.00)
  • Use an EMP 20 times successfully - who says old people can’t use technology? You do, apparently.

    27.82% (104.00)
  • Hose 20 oldies with the Uzi. The world’s slowest police chase is going to star you, you criminal.

    28.93% (100.00)
  • Expertly explode 20 pensioners with the use of a rocket, causing mass havoc and outcry from the Royal Aeronautical Society.

    26.23% (111.00)
  • Slip up 20 people’s Sunday drive with some oil, making you no better than the young’ins who litter, you hypocrite.

    17.57% (165.00)
  • Successfully use a shield to block 20 horrible whippersnapper’s attacks against your innocent old self.

    20.81% (139.00)
  • Boost without hurtling far off course and crashing too horribly into the scenery 20 times.

    29.72% (98.00)
  • Keyword being was. Knock 5 skaters off the road.

    8.17% (355.00)
  • Run over 5 bikers. We know that drivers hate them, but you’re in mobility scooters! That’s just nasty.

    9.09% (319.00)
  • Get gold in all races in the village, telling Grim he’s not having your soul tonight.

    23.35% (124.00)
  • Get gold in all races in the town, insulting Grim’s efficiency by evading his grasp twice now.

    16.99% (171.00)
  • Get gold in all races in the farm, making Grim REALLY want your soul now.

    13.38% (217.00)
  • Get gold in all races in the graveyard, ruining Grim’s happy place.

    11.66% (249.00)
  • Get gold in all races in the showdown, winning your fate and telling Grim to stop harassing old people all over the world.

    15.95% (182.00)
  • Win a single network multiplayer race, your first step to world domination.

    19.96% (145.00)
  • Take your online points total past 10, proving that old people and the Internet isn’t a disaster waiting to happen.

    22.59% (128.00)
  • Amass over 50 points online, it’s what Tim Berners-Lee would have wanted.

    13.80% (210.00)
  • Snatch an item off an opponent in Snatch game mode. What has society come to!

    7.35% (395.00)
  • Get a Snatch Item pair for double points and bragging rights down at the bingo club.

    7.53% (385.00)
  • Get 1 Crazy Granddad item. You are cleaning up this town. Somebody has to. You’re just doing it really slowly.

    13.38% (217.00)
  • Get the blow-up doll in the crazy Granddad game mode for an evening of pleasure with your very own plastic friend.

    9.43% (308.00)
  • Get taken out by a UFO laser, more than a close encounter.

    39.06% (74.00)
  • Win a network race on a Wednesday. Then celebrate by visiting the most duck filled pond you ever sat by.

    9.12% (318.00)
  • Add to the mayhem by winning a network race on a Monday.

    9.73% (298.00)
  • Put your graceful driving to good use by winning a network race on a Tuesday.

    9.46% (307.00)
  • Impress the mighty Thor with a network race victory on a Thursday.

    9.37% (310.00)
  • Win a network race on a Friday. Just avoid going down by the lake if you can.

    9.79% (296.00)
  • Catch that Saturday Night Fever by winning a network race on a Saturday.

    10.04% (289.00)
  • Why rest when you could be earning achievements. Win a network race on a Sunday.

    10.87% (267.00)
  • You're an all rounder. Win a network race on each day of the week..

    7.16% (405.00)
  • Add insult to injury by winning a network race on Halloween, Grim’s favourite day of the year.

    7.71% (376.00)
  • Win a network race on Valentine’s Day and dedicate this achievement to that special someone.

    7.71% (376.00)
  • Not a chance, take out your opponents and win a network race on Christmas day.

    7.65% (379.00)