• 43,643 Achievements Earned
  • 104 Players Tracked
  • 500 Total Achievements
  • 295 Obtainable EXP
  • 67 100% Club

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Control in the game is done using the cursor, the keyboard is not required!


About the Game

Go on an unforgettable journey for treasure! Waiting for you chests stuffed with gold. All is well, but there is only one small problem: in order to get to the chests you need to help our pirate kill all the zombies. Travel through the islands of the three worlds from the southern seas to the icy expanses of the Antarctic.

You are waiting for 20 exciting levels. Collect all the coins to get three stars on each of them. Kill the zombies to get to the chests with gold. But don’t forget that the movements of the pirate are limited by the number of moves!

- Fascinating game play with unusual mechanics.
- Simple mouse control.
- 20 exciting levels in two worlds.
- Cartoon 2D graphics.
- The epic voice of the commentator behind the scenes
- 500 easy achievements STEAM!

To get to the fondest chests will be not an easy task. Calculate the moves, kill the enemies, and unlock chests with long-awaited booty.