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DEMO AVAILABLE NOW! -------------->
Please be sure to check the demo out so you know that this is the game for you! The journey into labyrinth is unforgiving but has many lessons to teach those who are willing to learn. You will die, you will start again, but this is no Sisyphean task. The afterlife awaits you, go earn your place.


You are a poor recently lost soul. Expecting Charon and the River Styx, you instead awaken in a cold dark dungeon greeted by Daedalus himself. What cruel fate is this? Before you lay three ornate weapons, a shortbow, a labrys, and a staff. Dormant elemental runes scatter the surface of each weapon, what hidden powers do they hold?

Hades, driven mad by the endless horde of the dead whom he must steward, has devised a new trial in order to allow only the greatest of souls into the afterlife. One must demonstrate mastery with all four elements to unlock the inner chambers, and only within will they be truly tested. Will you emerge victorious, or will you spend eternity wandering the winding halls.

Class Driven Combat

By choosing a weapon, you take on the abilities of the Archer, the Guardian, or the Oracle. Each has a unique set of elemental powers, unlocked through imbuing the weapon along the journey into the Labyrinth.

Challenging Boss Fights

Defeat the elemental Titans to imbue your weapon. Demonstrate your skill on challenge bosses to upgrade your abilities. With your build set, take on the inner chamber final bosses and earn your rightful place in the afterlife.

Stats & Speedrunning Tools

Built in speedrunning timers and splits.
Detailed individual and aggregate stats with embedded comparisons to watch your skill grow.

About Daedalus

Daedalus is the culmination of a 6-month challenge that I set out for myself. It was an incredible learning experience and I feel extremely grateful that I have something to present at the end! I really hope you find it fun, and that it brings you some joy! ♥