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Hey loser! You like clicker games, huh? Well I don't. But I sure love Dallen. So I have made Dallen Clicker. Now you can have like... A BILLION DALLENS!

What is Dallen Clicker?:
Dallen Clicker is a clicker-type incremental virtual game. A clicker-type is a genre of video game in which you tap/click
on an item to produce more of said item. You can use that produced item to buy items that produce even more. Whether it be
automatically Clicking the button for you or increasing the amount of Dallens you get when pressing the button.

The Story:
Dallen is a game developer, trying to get his game published but is in for a rude awakening when he finds out that there's a game breaking bug! He accidently made too many copies of himself! He is transported into the world of his design. Get as many as you can and get the heck out of there.

The Gameplay:
In this game you will be clicking a giant button with Dallen's face on it. Each click will increase your Dallen count. You can use those Dallens to buy more upgrades or power-ups to get more Dallens. One upgrade makes it to where whenever you click on Dallen's face, it will give you 1 more each time. One Upgrade makes it to where you passively gain more Dallens as time goes on. Along with this there is a shop where you can change the face to match one of many playable characters.

New Features:
- A Story Mode
- Different Unlockable Characters
- Saving
- 11 Power-Ups instead of 8
- A Much Better GUI

Free Upcoming DLC:
We have a lot of ideas for free DLC, so please stay tuned and follow us on Twitter (@GreenleafSLTD) to find out what those will be.

Who is Dallen Larson?
Dallen Larson, born September 20, 2002, is a an American video game developer and CEO of GreenLeaf Studios. Dallen Larson has created many games such as Dallen Clicker, Dallen Clicker Ultimate, and Arcubed. He is also known online as Reality or RealityDL. Other than making games for GreenLeaf Studios, he also makes videos on his YouTube channel RealityDL, and plays Super Smash Bros. Ultimate competitively.

How Was It Made?:
The original game was created in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Out of pure willpower and awesomeness, the game has been remade.

Q and A:
Q: How do I play the original?

A: You don't. Buy this game instead.

Q: What's new?

A: I invited this thing called saving. It's revolutionary.

Q: Why does this game cost 60?

A: Do you want Dallen Clicker or not?

Q: Wait but wh-

A: That is all the Q's and the A's we have.