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Dark Desire 3

This VISUAL NOVEL continues the life of the girls in the Cindy universe, even at different ages. This way you can explore all kind of kinks and pleasures and topics.
The game has full audio and is in FULL HD (1080p) resolution and full of choices. The main focus is to create as many choices and paths as possible and let you guide the characters: depending on the choice you make, each character has love points or a relationship has blocking points. You can always view the status in the detailed BIO screen in the menu, including relationship status and partner.

The plan is to have 10 episodes, a mix of NSFW and SFW (adding to the backstory of the characters). The game will have future updates as soon as an episode is complete.

Complete at the moment of release:
Episode 01 - Girls' Night Out
Episode 02 - That Girl Cindy​​
Episode 03 - Late Call


Episode 01 - Girls' Night Out - complete
Episode 02 - That Girl Cindy​​ - complete​
Episode 03 - Late Call - complete
Episode 04 - Arisa (Part 1) - in development​
​Episode 05 - The Dressing Room
​​Episode 06 - A Familiar Face
​Episode 07 - Jeff's Secretary​ - in development
Episode 08 - Arisa (Part 2)
​Episode 09 - Melanie
​Episode 10 - Arisa (Part 3)
​Episode 11 - Three
--- Episode 01 - Girls' Night Out (story will continue)
--- Episode 02 - That Girl Cindy​ (will have a second path)​

More mini scenes will be added as needed to offer more choices and define the characters. Dark Desire stories, similar to the Pool Party from EP06 form Dark Desire 1.
Transfer love points and blocks from Dark Desire 1 and Dark Desire 2.