• 8,275 Achievements Earned
  • 1,095 Players Tracked
  • 45 Total Achievements
  • 4,719 Obtainable EXP
  • 28 100% Club
Earned Date
  • She went mad seeing her dear and beloved made into a martyr.

    21.92% (33.2)
  • Gabe will probably be happy to know that the false leader has fallen off his throne.

    36.89% (27.2)
  • Index the Ancient dungeon.

    7.67% (120.0)
  • The library is the best place to take the time to understand the Temple.

    20.55% (35.1)
  • Free the heir from his prison and find him inside the Filthblood Library.

    11.42% (93.9)
  • Amass eight diseases and curses. Be careful, however!

    12.60% (77.3)
  • Hit for more than 200 damage to let your thrill to kill be felt.

    19.36% (36.2)
  • Give a poultice to knight Kraumdeith, met in a lost room.

    19.27% (37.2)
  • Index the Den of Corrupted Nature.

    6.76% (132.5)
  • Index the Alabaster Citadel.

    5.66% (153.9)
  • Time has come to bring the light.

    99.91% (20.9)
  • Discover a lost room. Pay attention, there are many more secrets inside the Temple.

    33.15% (28.0)
  • Reach the Cloister of the Chosen. Be careful, you are not welcomed here.

    22.74% (31.4)
  • You have sinned by bringing down one of your people, you have to redeem yourself.

    18.81% (38.3)
  • The need to bring back her people led her to blasphemy.

    22.83% (30.5)
  • The crow lady commands an army of royal assassins. Know they will want to avenge her.

    17.26% (40.5)
  • The night’s kingdom is a charming name demonologists use to mean Hell.

    17.53% (39.4)
  • Ignoring a God is the best way to defeat them. However, fighting sometimes cannot be avoided.

    15.07% (44.2)
  • It is a true disgrace for a King’s envoy such as Elemiah to die by her own minion's scythe.

    4.57% (188.5)
  • Defeat a dark assassin. Stay alert, another one could come...

    22.01% (32.3)
  • Purge at least twenty of these children born of incest and morbid experiments in one session.

    7.31% (126.1)
  • A divine wrath animates them. Purge at least twelve of these elite monsters in one session.

    15.71% (41.7)
  • This nosy creature collects shiny objects. Make sure to pounce on it next time!

    54.89% (26.2)
  • Rescuing Balamb was courageous. Keep saving your people if you can.

    13.42% (48.2)
  • He burns bodies and makes potions, which will come in handy.

    13.42% (48.2)
  • It is crucial to remain united as a group during this pilgrimage.

    5.94% (146.4)
  • The Escapees are a very generous nomadic people. Jael will remember your help.

    24.84% (28.8)
  • Gilad dragged you into his blasphemy by wanting to free this innocent beast from its chains.

    12.15% (81.2)
  • Your shield showed him you belonged to his people. However, sharing his opinions does not mean he should be trusted.

    14.34% (45.4)
  • Fate had you cross paths with princess Amaris on several occasions.

    11.69% (89.4)
  • Balthasar seems to be a great boxer. His knowledge will be useful if you are foolish enough to fight barehanded.

    15.34% (42.9)
  • Most of the dead were forgotten in this secret charnel ground during the third Revolution, the last one.

    11.87% (85.2)
  • Show mercy by sparing the virgin, forgotten amidst the darkness.

    8.95% (114.3)
  • The Ancients thought coitus was impure and thus cultivated children in some sort of incubators.

    11.14% (98.6)
  • This small lost dog will not survive long in the forest.

    5.30% (170.0)
  • The youngest suffered a punishment worse than his older brother.

    4.57% (188.5)
  • Gather every single piece of text. You have everything you need to theorize about the Temple’s history.

    3.11% (615.2)
  • Gather ten blessings or more. God watches over you.

    24.57% (29.6)
  • Pray twelve times in one life, your devotion is rewarded.

    21.00% (34.2)
  • It was very honorable of you to face your foe with a Templar's weapons.

    4.29% (411.2)
  • Defeat a boss barehanded. The art of pugilism will hold no secrets for you anymore.

    10.23% (103.6)
  • You entered the Temple as a simple warrior. You will exit sacred by the divine.

    9.77% (108.8)
  • Reach the end of the Temple while wearing the Redeemer’s curse. Be an example, show the path.

    3.74% (494.0)
  • Upgrade the faith bar to its maximum. The strongest warriors are also the most devout.

    5.48% (161.7)
  • Complete the set of quests given by the Filthblood Shelter emissary.

    6.67% (139.3)